Which Keynote or Workshop is right for your event?

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Detroit is a complicated city that has a rich and diverse history.

It is also a city full of innovative people that is experiencing numerous changes and unprecedented international attention. Whether you’re looking for someone to give your group an overview of what’s going on in Detroit today, a deep dive historical context on where Detroit has come from, or an analysis of the lessons learned from the challenges Detroit has faced or anything in between, Jeanette Pierce can help. An energetic storyteller who is a big on facts and data, Jeanette’s presentations and workshops are entertaining, informative and engaging.

Jeanette inspired loads of people at our conference. Our work will absolutely be influenced by her information and infectious enthusiasm.
— Kuri Gill, Oregon Heritage

Possible Titles include:

  • Lessons Learned from Detroit

  • What’s Going On in Detroit?

  • City Experience Workshop

  • What’s Next for Urban Tourism?

  • Bridging Divides in Changing Cities