What is the City Experience Program?


City Experience Program help cities craft interactive experiences that connect locals and newcomers to the people, places and projects that make each city unique. We help cities  tell their story. Not necessarily to tourists but to their own residents, to elected officials, to their children, to funders...to anyone that wants and needs to truly understand what makes each city unique.

The goal of this program is to help residents tell the story of how their community  got to where it is today, what’s happening now and most importantly what they want it to be in the future. This includes learning about city history, current community offerings and opportunities for civic engagement,  all of which help people feel more attached to their community which is especially necessary in cities where attraction and retention can be a challenge.

Email Jeanette Pierce at Jeanette@TheCityInstitute.com to schedule a time to discuss your customized needs.

Possible ThEMeS for EXPERIENCES include:

  • Neighborhood Small Business Tours

  • Attraction and Retention

  • Innovation & Inspiration

  • Art & Design

  • Food & Drink


We look forward to helping with your experience! Please tell us some information about your group and we will follow up shortly.

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